Flo Müller

Author | Creator | Explorer

National Geographic Author.

I wrote a book about the people and extra-ordinary experiences I had during my travels through the Greater Middle East.

Founder of two Youtube Channels.

Across all our Social Media Platforms, we reach 100.000+ viewers each month.

Asia, Europe, America and more.

I've lived in 7 countries (on 4 continents) and ventured to the most remote areas of this world.

Who am I?

Born in Germany, exploring has always been in my DNA. Before turning 30, I've lived in 7 countries, on 4 continents.

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I love to share what I learned

My channel 'Travel Guide' is all about sharing the best travel tips & recommendations for every country I have been.
Further, I've filmed several courses on a variety of topics that gathered over 1.000+ students on Udemy & Skillshare.

I love to entertain

My adventures are capsulated in my movies on the 'FLO' Youtube Channel, which already received over million of views. My main focus is to show the amazing humans I meet all over the world.
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