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Based on my travels, I talk to corporations, professionals and students about the importance of telling great stories.

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I show the amazing places I travel to. My movies are all about the people I meet around the world.

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I've lived in 7 countries (on 4 continents) and ventured to the most remote areas of this world.

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Who am I?

Born in Germany, exploring has always been in my DNA. Before turning 30, I've lived in 7 countries, on 4 continents.

I've ventured to some of the most remote areas in this world, from the tops of the Himalayan mountains to the never-ending deserts in Saudi Arabia.

These adventures are capsulated in my movies, which already received over a million views on Youtube. My main focus is to show the amazing humans I meet all over the world.

If I am not filming, you will find me on stage speaking to corporations, professionals and students about my travels and the importance of telling captivating stories.

My work has been featured in TV, print, and podcasts.

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