As a speaker, I have delivered keynote presentations on almost all continents. These talks explore the disconnect between ideas and action, touching on themes like challenging conventional wisdom, building a strong brand in today’s fast-pacing online world, and testing your sense of self-belief.

"Magical. Inspiring. To the Point.
Flo is a master story teller, not beating around the bush with empty words.
This is straight talk, giving you applicable tools to get heard in a busy world."

Head of Digital

Through my transformative journey across the remote areas of this world, I show audiences how to fully commit to a vision in order to maximize the chance of success and offers tips on storytelling, communicating on modern platforms, and dealing with change.

Topic 1

How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy World

From figuring out how to effectively communicate your ideas - through a picture, through a presentation, or through today’s platforms, my latest insights and information promise to become tomorrow’s standards.

The Dilemma:

293 billion E-mails, 5 billion videos on YouTube, 95 million photos on Instagram each day.
It is increasingly getting harder for companies and individuals to get their stories heard.  

The Result

This talk will take you behind the scenes and show you the strategies and tools of how I managed to attract million of views on social media.

Topic 2

Stories that stick

What makes a story great?
From figuring out how to effectively tell your stories - through an e-mail, social media, or through a face-to-face conversation, these strategies will make your stories unforgettable.

The Dilemma

Why can we never remember the client’s presentation but always remember Uncle Jim’s stories?
We humans have told stories since the beginning of time. It is how we convey our ideas. But we lost the art of telling great stories.

The Result

I will offer audiences insights on how to effectively deliver strong stories that move their listeners and maximize their chance of being heard.

Topic 3

Turning Ideas into Action

I take audiences along my way of building one of the biggest Travel Shows on the internet to demonstrate how to develop and sustain determination, tenacity, and grit when working towards a goal.

The Dilemma:

There is an increasing disconnect between ideas and action.
We need to reverse the increasing fear of making mistakes and be courageous to take steps in the right direction.

The Result

Through my transformative journeys across the world, I show audiences how to fully commit to a vision in order to maximize their chance of success and offers tips on preparation, effective roadmaps, and maximizing output.

"Eye-opening! I loved this truly inspiring message paired with entertaining travel stories. A talk that points out our flawed thinking... and how to change it."

Chief Marketing Officer

Some of the Countries I have spoken in
Saudi Arabia

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