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I consciously travel around the world with the focus of spreading positivity through my creative work.

This has brought me all over the world, from the outskirts of Pakistan, Iran, Nepal to the bustling cities of Taiwan, India and the US.


After a thrilling 4-month journey through Turkey, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, I decided to write a book about my trip and the incredible encounters. The book will be published in 2022 by National Geographic.


Following my many years’ of travelling experiences, I finally decided to shoot movies about the people I meet along the way, as well as share my travel tips for every country.

Further, I create courses where I share my Youtube Tricks, Productivity Hacks and everything else I learn along the way.


Born in Germany, exploring has always been in my DNA. Before turing 30, I've lived in 7 countries (on 4 continents).
I've ventured to some of the most remote areas in this world, from the tops of the Himalayan mountains to the never-ending deserts in Saudi Arabia.

However, the best part about exploring is, and always has been, meeting these amazing people from around the world.

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"I know you have many options in who you watch, listen to, and follow, so I know I have to gain your trust every single time."

Frequently asked questions

How did you start traveling the world?

This was a gradual process. It all started with a one-year High School exchange in Minnesota, USA. I loved the whole experience of meeting new people from a different culture.
After this, I always strived to be in an international setting. I studied and worked outside of Germany among other internationals.

However, in 2015, I felt I was going in the wrong direction.
On paper, I had everything, a good paying job in a great company, comfy home, amazing friends. But I was not happy. I decided to quit my job in Dublin and went on my first long-term travel to the country that scared me the most at that time... India.

After this, it became a lifestyle to be on the road, experience new cultures, and make a living out of it.

Which countries have you lived in?

I was born in Munich (Germany 🇩🇪) but never really felt at home there. When I was 16 years old, I did a one-year High School exchange in Minnesota (USA 🇺🇸). After that, I studied in Lyon (France 🇫🇷) and worked in Singapore 🇸🇬; Dublin (Ireland 🇮🇪), Sydney (Australia 🇦🇺) and Amsterdam (Netherlands 🇳🇱).

Why did you start making movies?

Many times I tried to re-enact one of my travel experience for my friends. But I knew it was never as good as being able to actually show. I always wanted to get better in speaking in front of the camera anyways, so I decided to start filming.

And oh boy, did I suck at it. I still cringe when watching the first movies. But this is a normal part of getting better that too many of us overlook. In the beginning it will suck. But it will also get better.

As I got more confident, the videos started to get more and more views and I am happy to say that in a short amount of time, the Youtube channel has already received over thousand of views.

What gear do you use?

I wrote a whole article about my filming and travel gear.
Check it out here.

What was your coolest travel experience?

This is such a difficult question because I had so many amazing, cool travel experiences.

But I see one common pattern... they all include people.
Moments shared with great people are what makes them memorable... disregarding of the place. People can make a dull place beautiful, and a beautiful place can feel dull without great people.

Now, a travel experience that had an immense impact on me was 2015 when I was hiking in the Himalayas in Nepal. We were going trough some villages up in 4.000m height and I brought some stuffed toy animals to give to the children in the villages.

On this particular day, I handed out a stuffed rabbit to this little 4-year girl. She immediately hugged him and just looked at me with the biggest smile. I continued my hike only to hear someone whistling at me. I turned around and from a distance saw the little girl with her stuffed rabbit and her whole family waving and smiling at me. Even though we did not speak the same language, I could feel their immense gratitude and happiness... over a little, stuffed rabbit.

Something that might seem so small for most of us, made such a profound and huge impact for this family. I noticed in that moment how lucky I am to have the possibilities I have, to be born in the place I was born, to have the education I have, to have money to spend.

I noticed in this instance, how easy and impactful it is to bring joy to others.

Hans & Flo